Leena Lanka: Brigette’s First Day

December 13, 2009

This is a body inflation story. There’s not much body inflation in here because I’m setting up this series. Scroll down to the bolded part for body inflation / blueberry inflation.

“I’m ready for Brigdgette.” Miss Leena Lanka said with an air of certainty. “It’s her first day here on the farm. We all need to make a good first impression.”

Miss Lanka nodded her head in the direction of a comically beautiful four foot flat girl with orange skin, black hair, and godly white teeth. The girl immediately made a 180 degree turn and scurried off with a waddle. This girl’s boobs were disproportionate with half her boob mass protruding a full six inches past her shoulders on either side.

“How is she working for you Clara?” Miss Lanka said referring to the creature that was now racing to the entrance to greet Bridgette.

“She’s fine.” Clara said with slight hint of reservation.

“Be honest Clara, are you satisfied with her performance?” Miss Lanka said in an attempt to wrestle the truth from Clara.

“No, Miss Lanka.” Clara said with trepidation. “She is not up to standards.”

“I thought not. What is wrong with her?” Miss Lanka said as she slid in to a purple skirt that stopped just above her knees. The purple skirt complemented her black leather corset very well. Clara gazed longingly at Miss Lanka’s cleavage as she fastened a belt.

“Miss Lanka, she can’t make me come fast enough. I tried so hard to help her learn what I like but she just can’t figure it out, it takes at least six minutes and I was late for my shift at the juicing room by two minutes yesterday because she can’t play her role properly.” Clara’s eyes were downcast in sorrow for her underling; poor job performance reports meant a demotion. The consequences of a demotion on Miss Lanka’s could be relatively harmless like a longer work day or blander food. It could mean something far worse like painful body modifications.

“Can you handle your helper?” Miss Lanka said sternly, as if a manager to an employee.

“Of course Miss Lanka, I just need more time; I’m new to the trainer role. Please forgive me.” Clara was speaking with a tremor in her voice, not quite sure if she could ever really get in to her “trainer” role.

Miss Lanka just finished putting on a pair of heels as Clara finished her reply. “You know what happens to that little burden if you can’t train her properly, right?” Miss Lanka said.

“Yes, I know.” Clara said with a smile, making a vein attempt to hide the horror behind her face.

“It’s okay if she doesn’t work out. Someone has to be a blueberry for this whole place to work, right?” Miss Lanka said as if she were looking to fill a manual labor position. “We’ll get you a new one and give you another chance. I believe in you Clara. Let’s go, shall we?”

Miss Lanka and Clara exited the room and strolled down an 1/8th of a mile worth of white tiled hallway. A sharp left turn landed the pair in front of a parked trolley. Miss Lanka and Clara stepped on to the car, Clara typed in a few buttons and the car zoomed off to the entrance of Miss Lanka’s mysterious ranch.

“Miss Lanka, why Bridgette?” Clara asked to pass the time. “What do you have planned for her?”

“I don’t know yet. We’ll give her a couple weeks before I decide her fate. Until then, you are to cater to her every whim.” Miss Lanka said as if ordering an officer to care for a foreign diplomat.

The trolley came to a slow and gentle stop. Miss Lanka stepped off the trolley first followed closely by Clara. “BRIGETTE MY DEAR! So good to finally meet you. I trust you have your paperwork in order, correct?”

“Of course I do. And my parents, they’re taken care of, correct?” Bridgette said with a sense of duty.

“I’ll take it this is the only business we need to discuss until such time you are released, if I decide to release you.” Miss Lanka said with the tone of a shrewd business owner.

“Mhmm, so long as my parents are taken care of, I’m ready to start my service.” Bridgette replied.

“Brigette, stand still and follow my lead.” Miss Lanka said as if she were a world class photographer directing a muse.

Miss Lanka stared at Bridgette’s face for a full five minutes noting the small mole below her left ear and the crevice that started to form on the bottom of her eyelids. Miss Lanka pricked a blonde hair from Bridgette’s blonde hair eliciting another “ouch” from Miss Lanka’s latest victim. Still, Bridgette stood still. Miss Lanka made her way down to the neck of Brigitte’s turtle neck, pulling it down. Bridgette’s air supply was slightly constricted by the scrunching of her thick turtleneck sweater. It was white, much like Bridgette’s skin.

Miss Lanka pulled out a pocket knife and began to cut down the center of Briggette’s sweater. Bridgette breathed faster and heavier, nervously anticipating something horrible to happen next.

“What size are your breasts?” Miss Lanka asked.

“B, Miss Lanka.” Brigette said as naturally as she could while blocking out feelings of violation.

“How old are you?” Miss Lanka asked.

“16 Miss. I’ll be 17 in 8 months.” Bridgette said, thankful to have her mind focused on numbers for just a few seconds. It was a short reprieve from Miss Lanka’s violation of her personal space, but a reprieve none the less.

“So they’re still growing?” Miss Lanka asked if she did not know the answer.

“Yes Miss Lanka.” Bridgette said dutifully.

The trolley stopped in front of two large metal doors painted a deep blue. Clara, her helper, Miss Lanka, and Bridgette all stepped off the trolley. Miss Lanka walked up to the door and tapped twice. The large doors ominously crept back revealing a large empty room with women in doctor’s uniforms standing at computers and manning hoses.

“Clara, Bridgette deserves a demonstration, I’m afraid I can’t give you extra time to work on your helper.” Miss Lanka said with a sigh. Miss Lanka looked down; as if she were addressing a little child and whispered something in the helper’s ear. Brigette could only make out “and you should have tried harder, shouldn’t you.”

The little creature nodded yes and waddled to the center of the room. A girl with white gloves and a white doctor’s coat handed the creature a blue cube and the raised her hand and popped it in her mouth.

“This is the magic Briggette. This is where it all starts.” Miss Lanka said in amazement of her work.

The girl began to lose her orange color as she chomped on her piece of gum, slowly reverting to a pale shade of white. Bridgette thought her eye was playing tricks on her but the girl seemed to be growing taller. The helper seemed to be turning in to a more normal looking person with normal sized breasts and beautiful black hair. The girl tried to talk but all the helper could manage were stutters. Five minutes in to the process the girl was back to normal, 5’5” and perfectly proportioned.

“Give it another 5 minutes.” Miss Lanka said to Brigdgette as she ran her hand down Bridgette’s back, stopping at a comfortable resting point on the top curve of her ass.”It gets much better.”

Bridgette had goosebumbs of amazement and fear. “Would I ever be one of those helper things?” She thought.

The freshly transformed girl was now speaking, yelling, screaming for Miss Lanka’s mercy. “Please, don’t make me do this, I’m sorry, I’ll do better Miss Lanka.” She said in desperation.

Miss Lanka walked up to a tray with several stacks of blue cubes and pulled out three of the darkest cubes. Miss Lanka continued her stroll until she was face to face with Sandee, the girl who had undergone a rapid transformation. “You just ruined Bridgette’s whole first day here with your tirade! You were going to be one of the smaller ones but you forced my hand you fucking cunt!” Miss Lanka screamed in pure anger. “Open your fucking mouth!”

Miss Lanka shoved all the gum in her mouth, she looked like a cross between a grazing cow and a greedy chipmunk storing nuts. “That’s not it either!” Miss Lanka cried. She motioned to two women near a rack of belts. “The strongest, thickest one please.”

A tall Asian girl with a flat chest walked the belt to the center of the room where the former helper stood helpless. She wrapped the belt and put one end through the buckle. “If you will.” She said a mouse-like voice. The next blueberry victim knew what to do, she had seen it a dozen times before. She laid down face first on the floor. The Asian girl put one flat footed shoe up against the curve of her butt and yanked on the belt as tightly as possible. The Asian girl’s face flushed red in exasperation when Miss Lanka waved a hand. The Asian girl helped the future blueberry to her feet.

The first thing Brigette noticed about the former helper girl was a purplish hue to her face and body.

“It’s starting.” Miss Lanka said with excitement. “Aren’t you excited Bri?” Miss Lanka asked.

Bridgette was stone cold silent, not quite sure what was about to happen.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” Came a scream from the girl who was now the center of everyone’s attention. Her purple hue darkened to a deep violet over the course of a minute. Her arms were clutching her stomach. “Please stop it Miss Lanka.” She begged.

Miss Lanka looked in the direction of a girl with a six inch hose connected to a giant pipe. “Fatten her up for that remark, 300 lbs. should do it.” Miss Lanka said as if calculating a recipe.

Through all the pain the blueberry girl processed Lanka’s words and made every effort not to protest. Three minutes in the blueberry girl’s arms were being forced apart. Her lips looked fuller, thicker.

“Bri, look at her lips. Like Angelina Jolie’s.” Lanka explained. “This isn’t for beauty though, it’s utilitarian. That’s for feeding purposes. If she fails to eat her quota of feed we’ll just force feed her. We’ll strep her lips and bind them to a pipe until she starts feeding at a normal level.

Bridgette stood in wild amazement at what was happening. She knew Miss Lanka was a genius and evil, but she never thought Miss Lanka was an evil genius.

One girl in a lab coat walked up to the blueberry girl and began to poke and prod her with fingers.

Miss Lanka chimed in to explain. “She’s checking for tautness. Next she’ll check for elasticity.”

Bridgette decided she had to adjust to her new life as quickly as possible by embracing it. It was the only coping mechanism she had. “How big will she get? Does it hurt as they grow.?”

Miss Lanka was very happy to answer this question. “Not all the time. I can have her injected with a pleasure serum that will basically block out all the pain with pleasure waves the same way a flashlight looks dim in the daytime. She’s feeling pain because she’s in trouble. She broke too many rules and we had a guest to entertain. That’s you Bri.” Miss Lanka patted Bridgette on her blonde head.

The blueberry girl was filling out. Her knees were now absorbed by blueberry flesh and her arms were being pushed about as surges of juice expanded her frame.

“Here comes the fun stage for her.” Miss Lanka said. “Wait for it!”

The blue ball exploded with the words “FUCK MY ASS! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS! OH GOD FUCK MY ASS!” The blueberry’s words started became higher and higher and her screams sounded like someone talking with mouthwash in their mouth. “FRRGHH MY ASS!” she said.

The crew of women manning the berry room had a foot long and a six inch dildo ready for insertion inside of the berry girl. Miss Lanka waved her hand and the crew put the dildo back.

“Let her sit there on the verge of orgasm for a week. She was bad.” Miss Lanka said.

The blueberry girl was still on her feet and began to walk to stimulate her twat. Miss Lanka ran up to the girl and pushed her from behind on to her stomach to in anger to prevent the berry girl from obtaining so much as an ounce of stimulation. She continued to flap her feet furiously until her body completely swallowed her legs.

“From here on out it’s mostly busy work.” Miss Lanka said. “She’ll grow about twice that size by the end of the week, juiced, and the process will start all over again. Shall we move on to stage two of the blueberry process? Miss Lanka asked.

Bri nodded her head, feeling that yes was the only answer she had.




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